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'Chespirito' is a Mexican comedy program created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, where his various creations interacted in sketchy fashion. The first period of the program was in 1971, ending in 1973 to make way for the independent series' ' El Chavo del Ocho' 'and ' 'El Chapulín Colorado' '. At first it was called " 'Chespirito and the square table' ". Very little is known of this early period. The series returned and was broadcast continuously from 1980 to 1995, with a total of 16 seasons, the creation of Chespirito being the longest. Among the sketches that were presented throughout the program were the continuations of the series completed in the 70's: El Chapulín Colorado , El Chavo del Ocho and La Chicharra.;_1973-1979%29


After the end of the programs El Chavo del Ocho and La Chicharra in 1979 and 1980, it was decided to remake the original program from 1971 , including most of the sketchs created by Chespirito up to that moment, and with the addition of new sketchs like El Gordo y el Flaco.

In the early 1980s, the broadcast of the program began with the cast, in addition to Roberto Gómez Bolaños with: Florinda Meza, Rubén Aguirre, Edgar Vivar, Angelines Fernández, Horacio Gómez, María Antonieta de las Nieves and Raúl "Chato" Padilla. The latter would leave the program a few months later to participate in the "Luis de Alba's World" program. In these first seasons the Chavo and El Chapulín Colorado skits were the most important. In 1981, Ramón Valdés rejoined the cast of Chespirito, resuming his role as Don Ramón in "El Chavo", in addition to participating in the other segments (Except La Chicharra, The Fat and the Skinny and Charles Chaplin). Valdés remained in the cast until the end of 1981. In the Christmas episode of Chavo that year, mention is made of his departure; In addition, a sketch of Chavo was recorded at the end of that year, but was only broadcast in March 1982. After this, he did not participate in a Chespirito program again (although in 1983 there were retransmissions of 1978 and 1981 in which it appeared). In 1982, after Ramón's departure, Raúl "Chato" Padilla returned, remaining permanently in the cast. He again plays Jaimito the & nbsp; postman in El Chavo, and other characters in the other segments, later (in 1983) he plays the Licenciado Morales in Los Caquitos, a character that would evolve and remain fixed until his retirement from the cast in 1994. That same year, the recorded laughs characteristic of the comic programs of that time were eliminated and replaced by music. In 1984, Roberto Gómez Fernández, son of Chespirito, was part of the cast of the program until 1985, taking part in different segments (except in "El Chavo"). His participation as an actor was short, some time later he would dedicate himself to directing his cameras.