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La Chilindrina

Chilindrina is a girl who lives with her dad Don Ramon. She is very spoiled. Her friends are Chavo, Quico ( sometimes ), and etc. Her enemies are Quico ( sometimes ). like Quico, she also got her own spin-off series.


La Chilindrina was born when her parents already lived in the neighborhood; her mother died in childbirth, so her father Don Ramón would raise her in her first years of life with the help of Doña Nieves, her grandmother and great-grandmother of the girl (she in the future would refer to the old woman as the great-grandmother ') and later alone. Her name was given by Don Ramón since the freckles on her face reminded him of the sugar of a chilindrina; According to another version that appeared in the program "Los Supergenios de la mesa cuadrada", her real name is "Espergencia" and she is called Chilindrina as a nickname. She is the only daughter of Don Ramon, for which she lives humbly in department 72 of Señor Barriga's neighborhood. She would grow up in the neighborhood as one of only two children born there along with Quico. At the age of four, she would meet Chavo, when he arrives in the neighborhood; From this moment on, the boy would become her closest friend, playmate, mischief and sometimes her unrequited love.