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El Chamois is a notorious gangster, famous for his ability to disguise himself in many ways. After escaping from jail, he learned of a small-time thief nicknamed El Chompiras, who had a strong resemblance with the gangster. He then attempted to murder him to fake his death, but a mix-up with Chompiras' colleague, El Botija, and a police officer caused his hide-out to be located, while Chamous himself was knocked out by his mistress before he could kill Chompiras. He was then arrested.

Years later, he and his gang managed to leave jail and, upon finding out Chompiras reformed and was now working on a funerary, they attempted to take advantage of this resume the plan and kill him. However, he was recognized befire he could leave the funerary, causing him and his gang to be arrested once again.


Cold and ruthless, El Chamois is very dangerous as a gangster, having no qualms on killing innocents to fullfill his goals. He is also a no-nonsense criminal, taking things seriously and focusing on getting the job done. He is also a well-known impersonator, being able to disguise himself in many ways to escape the law.

Aside from this, he is persistent, continuing his plan to kill Chompiras to fake his death even years after the initial failure landed him and his gang in jail. He also didn't seemed to care about the possibility of him and Chompiras being related and was willing to murder his mistress if helped his plans, hinting him to be a sociopath.



  • Mistress - Lover and Temporary Enemy
  • Bulldog - Subordinate


  • Chompiras - Attempted Victim
  • Chimoltrufia - Employee turned Enemy
  • Botija - Enemy and Cellmate
  • Chaparro Neri
  • Raul Morales
  • Refugio Pazguato
  • Doña Nachita


  • Chamois was one of the few vgatacters in the show to appear in two episodes within the same continuity.