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Maria Expropiacion Petronila Lascuray y Torquemada de Botija, nicknamed "La Chimoltrufia" is a woman of humble origins and El Botija's wife. In spite of occasionally helping her husband and El Chompiras' stint as thieves, she herself wasn't very aproving of them. She eventually convinced them to turn over a new leaf and become honest members of society, with her working with them on many of the jobs they found.

Eventually, they found work in the Hotel Lucho, where she worked as waitress and was the most respondible worker of the trio. During this time, she reconnected with Maruja, an old acquitance of hers. The hotel was eventually closed, briefly putting the trio out of work until they found work in the Hotel Buenavista. During this time, her mother, Doña Espotaverderona, moved near her house.

As the years went by, Hotel Buenavista was closed down and many of her loved ones died. She eventually found job cleaning a house, while she was continuosly interviwed as part of an online program.


If there's one trait that defines Chimoltrufia the most, is her simple-minded nature. This is perhaps best displayed in her use of language, which is rather poor. She mostly speaks using redundances to the point that her words end up contradicting each other. She also tends to mispronounce words and expressions, and some of those even come off as non-sensical, such as when she stated that hotels offer "alejamiento" (distance) to their guests, instead of "alojamiento" (residence)". She also comes up with some plain-out weird speech patterns, most notably her phrase "Pa que le diho que no si si. Es que yo como digo una cosa digo otra, es que, es como todo, y hay cosas que ni que. Tengo o no tengo razon", which tend to leave people confused. She also often speaks her mind a bit too much, causing her to offend people without meaning to.

She is also shown to be incredibly naive, most notably seen througth her habit of mistaken everything she sees in movies as real, in spite of everybody else's attempts to explain her that it is just make-believe fiction, her naivity preventing her from fully understanding what they are trying to tell her. This assumption of everything in TV being real tends to cause a lot of unnecessary problems, specially for El Chompiras, as she often jumps to conclusions on his actions instead of trying to check in what he's actually doing, resulting in her believing him to be some sort of movie monster.

Another trait of Chimoltrufia is her hot-headness. She has no qualms on resorting to violence the moment she believes someone is offending her, even without first confirming whether said person is actually offending her, even if that person is a friebd or her husband. This hot-headness can even be borderline suicidal, as she was so determined on attacking El Chamois for taking off her clothes, understable as her anger is, in spite of him being a notoriously dangerous gangster. That being said, her anger can also lead her to come out in defense of her friends.

Chimoltrufia also has a bit of an ego, as she believes herself to be beautiful and a great singer, when, actually, while not ugly per se, she isn't as pretty as she thinks, to not to mention she has a horrible singing voice, to the point that, when he heard her singing througth headphones, el Sargento's ears practically melted from the pain. That being said, her assumptions do not appear to be enterily unreasonable, as some men do find her attractive, while her beliefs regarding her singing voice are implied to be product of her mother, as only she has ever enjoyed her singing.

In spite of all the traits above, Chimoltrufia is fundamentally a good person who stands up at the face of injustice to either her friends and/or those who are helpless. This is most notably seen when she choose to raise a baby when she was supposedly abandoned by her presumed mother, and when she choose to prove Maruja's innocence after she was framed of attempted murder in spite of disliking her. She also refused to sell-out Chompiras when doing so could save her from being killed by notorious criminal El Cuajinais, showing her loyalty.

She can also be surprisingly clever, as seen when she not only was the only one who realized Maruja was framed for attempted murder, but even tricked a hitman into lowering his guard by hiding a roller in a bag and pretending it was bread, allowing her to knock him uncounciouss.



  • Doña Espotaverderona - Mother
  • Doña Ramona - Mother-in-law
  • El Botija - Husband


  • Chompiras - Friend
  • Doña Nachita - Friend
  • Refugio Pazguato - Friend
  • Maruja
  • Licenciado Morales - Friend
  • Don Lucho - Former employer
  • Don Cecilio - Former employer
  • Mistress - Former employer